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AdController Extension
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We make your internet faster!

  • Some sites use more than 5 different trackers to monitor your behavior. This slows down your browser up to 3 times. We allow only one tracking operation on websites and make your surfing faster.
  • We also block heavy advertising that uses your browser resources.

We make your internet safer!

  • There are many harmful ads that can hurt your computer in different ways. We use special filters that detect and block it. We also:
  • Block malicious advertisements.
  • Protect from negative and intrusive Ad.
  • Protect from annoying retargeting (privacy protection)
  • Protect from Meltdown and Spectre attacks.

We help you to focus only on important things!

Some website looks like a Times Square - a lot of different sizes and type advertising. As a result, we lose focus. There are also pages where we can lose up to 10 minutes for skipping annoying ads. To make browsing more effective we use filters which blocks aggressive advertising.


There is a huge problem with nowadays internet ecosystem. More and more people are using ad blocking programs as a quick solution to low-quality advertising. But this does not solve the global problem at all. And everyone suffers from this issue, publishers receive less profit for salaries, advertisers who can not offer their goods to those who really need it, and users who get worse irrelevant content and cannot find offers that they really are interested in.

AdController Extension